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dsci0232.jpgI guess this post is a comment/question post.  My twins are about 10 months old now.  They were both born with flat head…ya know…when there is a flat spot on the back or front.  It is mainly caused by the inactivity of the mother during the pregnancy. 

Do your twins/multiple births have flat head?  Did they grow out of it?  Did it round out?  Are there any of you with single births where your children were born with flat head?

Our one twin–his head as rounded out.  The other one has started to round out but you can still see the flat spot.  I am wondering if it does round itself out.  His soft spot is still REALLY big–so I am thinking his body kind of knows his head needs to round out still.  I guess I am just wondering–are we the only ones with flat head little baby boys?  Regardless…i luv ’em and they are the cutest babies ever…no…really…they are!

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Our fellow mommy blogger at Our Own Creation welcomed her twins into the world–early–Zoe and Lennox.  However, we must pray for Lennox, for he didn’t make it.  Read her touching post, saying goodbye to her son, and keep their whole family in your prayers.

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Our Year In Review

It does take a few minutes but my kids are so darn cute I know you will not be able to resist!

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1toy82-thumb.jpgI imagine if you have multiples, you always feel like that.  I was reading a multiples blog last nite (I am so sorry I can’t remember whose it was so I can’t share any linky love) and their post reminded me of going grocery shopping with my twins.

I had the twins and my 1 1/2 daughter.  All I need to get was formula, baby food, and milk–sounds easy, doesn’t it.  But you would be surprised.  Even before I got into the store, I was stopped 2 times.  So 15 minutes later, I finally reach the front doors of the store.  I get my cart and am stopped again.  10 minutes later, I am able to start shopping for my 3 items.

I make the mistake of stopping for a cracker taste–20 minutes shot…cause she has twin granddaughters…so I have to talk to her and compare notes.  Finally I am on my way.

Everytime I stop, everytime the twins make a sound, every isle, every grandparent, every little girl, almost everystep, someone must look the twins, squeeze their cheeks, tell me how blessed I am, that it will get better, that they wished they had twins—are you kidding me?!

I love my kids…all of them…but the twins were very unexpected and alot of work.  They are not only alot of work but we must put in double time with our other 2 kids so they don’t feel left out.

So, that was the last time I took my twins to the store.  I think it was the last time I took them out period (unless to the doctor). 

I love my kids, but I will begin charging admission to my 3 ring circus.  How does $1.00 a cheek squeeze sound?

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…Had 3 kids teething at the same time….yea…loud…headache…asprin…help

….Had 3 kids in diapers at one time…it smells as bad as you think

….Gone though 2 gallons of milk and 1 can of formula in 1 day…man-o-man, kids like to eat

…Watched the same cartoon movie all day just to get some peace and quiet

…well…welcome to the land of kids with a side of twins…

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So here we are again…everyone is sick.  But nothing is worse than a sick baby…except maybe sick twins.  My poor little baby boys…twice the runny noses, twice the runny butts, twice the crying.  And I ran out of infant medicine.  What a bummer.  It seems one of us has been sick everyday for a month. 

 My son and daughter are past the “oh…poor…baby” stage.  They take medicine, no problem.  They can fall asleep when they are coughing.  They can help me with the babies.  But “oh…poor…babies”.  Now I must go and track down some baby medicine.  I hear their runny noses calling me.

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1gig-med.jpg1gig-med.jpgShocking and unplanned…yea…to say the least.  Especially since we had just had a baby and had a 3 year old to top that off.  Kids are wonderful and cute and all that, but when you find out you are pregnant with twins…you feel like you got into a car accident.  You think, “How could something like this happen…This kind of thing never happens to me, This isn’t happening,”…ya know…the usual.  I know some of you reading this will think I am the worst person ever…but I am not.  I am just telling you how it feels to have every plan you ever made stop in an instant.  Even if we already had two kids, twins are a whole different cup of tea.  We had only planned on 2 kids.  When we got pregnant again, we thought maybe 3 wouldn’t be so bad…yea…three kids…that is funny.  But that is the way life is.  Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans…at least that is what I hear.  I also hear that if you want to make God laugh…just make some plans.  He thinks that is the funniest thing since…well…sending twins to a couple who are convinced they will only have 2 kids…funny.

Not only do you need 2 of everything, but you need about 5 people to properly take care of them.  Before I had twins, I could never image how parents of twins could do it.  Now that I have twins, I can’t image how parents of even more multiples could do it.  I find parenting 2 single births and a set of twins hard enough. 

So, shocking and unplanned…yes.  But they are wonderful.  I could do with more sleep…and less poopy diapers (cause we have 3 in diapers…yes…our garage smells like a poop factory)…but we love them…multiples and all.

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