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I am back, baby!

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dsci0232.jpgI guess this post is a comment/question post.  My twins are about 10 months old now.  They were both born with flat head…ya know…when there is a flat spot on the back or front.  It is mainly caused by the inactivity of the mother during the pregnancy. 

Do your twins/multiple births have flat head?  Did they grow out of it?  Did it round out?  Are there any of you with single births where your children were born with flat head?

Our one twin–his head as rounded out.  The other one has started to round out but you can still see the flat spot.  I am wondering if it does round itself out.  His soft spot is still REALLY big–so I am thinking his body kind of knows his head needs to round out still.  I guess I am just wondering–are we the only ones with flat head little baby boys?  Regardless…i luv ’em and they are the cutest babies ever…no…really…they are!

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Our Year In Review

It does take a few minutes but my kids are so darn cute I know you will not be able to resist!

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wfmwsmall.jpgHello everyone.  ok…I love christmas.  I wanted to decorate the house and for little to no money.  My hubby was kind enough to show me and our oldest son how to make snowflakes.  I had a step by step picture I hope I can describe for you as to how to make them.  They are so easy but kind of time consuming.  I did have about 15 different snowflakes to show you but our daughter was kind enough to rip them up…oh well.

  1. Get a regular piece of typing paper.
  2. Fold it in such a way that it goes over itself, meets on one side, and makes a point.
  3. Fold it over again to make a triangle.  You will have some excess on the bottom.
  4. Now cut that excess off.
  5. Fold one of the bottom points over so it meets in the middle.  The top point should still be at a point.  The bottom point should be hanging over, so to speak.
  6. Do the same with the other bottom point.
  7. Now flip it over…and where you see the paper edge…cut the excess bottom points off.
  8. Now you are left with an even smaller, yet thicker, triangle.
  9. Now start cutting….you can cut any design you want….experiment.  I just took a picture of the one I made.
  10. Now you can unfold it and TADA….you have a magical snowflake.
  11. I included pictures of the snowflakes that survived my daughter’s hands.

This is such a great idea.  I think I may actually make it a tradition…now if I can only keep them away from my little kids.  Well, at least she didn’t eat them.  Now go and see what else is working for people.  Happy Hunting!


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wfmwsmall.jpgSo we need to do a “what the heck am I going to do for dinner” post.  Well, with 4 kids, I live that everyday.  Today was no different. 

About noon, I opened my fridge, saw nothing, and freaked out in my head.  There is alway hamburger helper…but…yuck…not today!  Quick and the kids love it but I can only handle it every once in awhile.  But wait…what is that I see…staring up at me….my lifesaver…EGGS! 

Eggs are so yummy.  You can do so much with eggs…eggs, sausage, toast-YUM.  Eggs and hash…LOVE IT.  Egg sandwiches..if you have never had…you are missing out!  But I think tonite I will make it special–Scrambled eggs with salsa and sour cream.  Yea…I said sour cream.  I got that from Paula on the food network.  You HAVE to try it.  You will never go back.  And I think I will toast up some bread with strawberry jam.  yea…mmmmmmmmm…I got the perfect meal.  I think it actually took me longer to write this fantastically funny and witty post than it did to plan that meal. 

Now who is going to do my dishes?

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…Had 3 kids teething at the same time….yea…loud…headache…asprin…help

….Had 3 kids in diapers at one time…it smells as bad as you think

….Gone though 2 gallons of milk and 1 can of formula in 1 day…man-o-man, kids like to eat

…Watched the same cartoon movie all day just to get some peace and quiet

…well…welcome to the land of kids with a side of twins…

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