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dsci0232.jpgI guess this post is a comment/question post.  My twins are about 10 months old now.  They were both born with flat head…ya know…when there is a flat spot on the back or front.  It is mainly caused by the inactivity of the mother during the pregnancy. 

Do your twins/multiple births have flat head?  Did they grow out of it?  Did it round out?  Are there any of you with single births where your children were born with flat head?

Our one twin–his head as rounded out.  The other one has started to round out but you can still see the flat spot.  I am wondering if it does round itself out.  His soft spot is still REALLY big–so I am thinking his body kind of knows his head needs to round out still.  I guess I am just wondering–are we the only ones with flat head little baby boys?  Regardless…i luv ’em and they are the cutest babies ever…no…really…they are!

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