I am back, baby!

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dsci0232.jpgI guess this post is a comment/question post.  My twins are about 10 months old now.  They were both born with flat head…ya know…when there is a flat spot on the back or front.  It is mainly caused by the inactivity of the mother during the pregnancy. 

Do your twins/multiple births have flat head?  Did they grow out of it?  Did it round out?  Are there any of you with single births where your children were born with flat head?

Our one twin–his head as rounded out.  The other one has started to round out but you can still see the flat spot.  I am wondering if it does round itself out.  His soft spot is still REALLY big–so I am thinking his body kind of knows his head needs to round out still.  I guess I am just wondering–are we the only ones with flat head little baby boys?  Regardless…i luv ’em and they are the cutest babies ever…no…really…they are!

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babies-online-logo.jpgSaving your baby’s umbilical cord blood can be important to your family. Stem cells from the cord can be used to treat leukemia, blood disorders, heart disease, and brain injuries. Plus, doctors are coming up with new benefits for the stem cells in the umbilical cord every day.

Babies Online features a contest where you can win Free Cord Blood Banking from Cord Blood Registry. Just go to the 6th link down to enter the sweepstakes. They are the largest and most experienced cord blood bank in the world. So you know if you win, your cord blood will be in good hands. So visit Babies Online to find the sweepstakes and enter already. It can and will do your family good.

Delurking Alert

I am delurking tonite. I have just a ton of bloggy work to do (if only I got paid for all of it) and I just didn’t want to do anything. But I have missed just commenting, checking out blogs, catching up with old blogging friends, and all that stuff. I have missed it alot. So I am just going to be “hanging out” in the blogosphere tonite…so if you are around tonite…e-mail me, comment on one of my blogs, twitter me (Kerith), and just say hi…maybe take a nite and cruise the blogs with me…maybe I will see ya around.

19556.gifExercise Before I even touch the computer….that is what I am going to do from now on.  As soon as I get on my computer, I am in blogging mode (and it doesn’t help that I am just alittle addicted to blogging–just ask my hubby).  So this morning, I took a longing glance at my computer, then did some exercising.  It wasn’t much (due to the fact that I am REALLY out of shape and have a baby guunt–that is my tummy—or what used to be my tummy).  It was only stretching.  But I figured I should be able to move for the real exercising.  But it did take me 10 minutes to do the basic stretches and I was sweating and out of breath.  How sad…but I guess I have to start somewhere.  But I did it.  And I ate a healthy breakfast of banana, coffee, and fruit chips.  YUM!

So go to Kris’s blog to find other fantastic rubies!

PS:  I have already failed for today…been on the computer 3 times and have not exercised…man…habits (and blogging addictions) die hard. 

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Our fellow mommy blogger at Our Own Creation welcomed her twins into the world–early–Zoe and Lennox.  However, we must pray for Lennox, for he didn’t make it.  Read her touching post, saying goodbye to her son, and keep their whole family in your prayers.

Household tips

1sweepingbrush-med.jpgHaving twins, any amount of children, is very hard.  Even cleaning is a task that now takes hours.  But here are some tips on household clean-up tips to make things easier, simpler, and cheaper:

  • TO UNPLUG A SINK:  Pour one cup or more of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda, then at hot water out of the tap at full force.  When the bubbling stops, the drain should be clear…and WaLa…you will need no plumber.
  • REMOVE LIME DEPOSITS IN A TEA KETTLE:  Fill it with equal parts of vinegar and water.  Bring to a boil and allow to stand overnight.
  • REMOVE LIME DEPOSITS IN A COFFEE MAKER:  Fill the coffee pot with equal parts of vinegar and water.  Fill the water reservoir , put the coffee pot where it belongs,and start making coffee like normal.  You will need to do this several times but it works.  When you are done with the mixture, do the process with just plain water to clean the vinegar out.

babies-online-logo.jpgSo if you are pregnant with multiples…or even single birth…you need stuff–and lots of it.  Visit Babies Online and sign up for a Free Enfamil Kit.  I have gotten this kit before and got free formula and coupons toward the purchase of formula.  Boy-o-boy, do I just love free formula.  It is almost like a Christmas present…except the present eventually turns into poop.  But anyway, be sure to sign up.  We mothers of multiples can use all the help we can get!

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wfmwsmall.jpgWelcome back everyone.  Oh how happy I am to be back.  But my little tip-o-the-day:

When your soda pop gets too fizzy, put your finger in it and the fizz will go down way fast.

Yea, I know it is probably something most everyone knows.  But a lady at a restaurant actually told me that last week ( i did already know it but I didn’t want to seem like a cave woman in a restaurant) and I thought it was funny.  Plus I am running out of Wednesday and I needed a quick and easy tip…and there it was…at the tip of my brain.  Happy WFMW!  Now go find more tips…there are plenty to go around.